Open 9am to 7pm daily (or until sold out)

Free Range Milk

You can get lovely creamy milk from our grass fed cows in 3 simple steps…

1. Call up to our car park (Opening Hours 9am to 7pm)
2. Buy your reusable glass bottle
3. Fill it up with our free range milk 

£1.50 for a litre of FRESH creamy milk!
£2.50 for a GLASS reusable bottle!

Pasteurised here on the farm and located at the top of our car park. Come anytime day or night and our machine will accept coins or card.

A little History… 

Our family have been farming on this land since 1730 and have looked after all the animals and wildlife that it supports for generations. In days gone by we used to sell milk from churns in the early 1900s and more recently we sold our milk to local shops in the 1980s as Morrow’s milk. Back then it was sold as unpasteurised milk or raw milk but that was brought to an end by law when pasteurisation became compulsory.

Since then we have always been a dairy farm producing top quality milk by keeping our cows outside for as long as possible. We calve all our cows in spring so that they can go straight outdoors to the fields to produce almost all of our milk from grass. By relying on solar powered pastures rather than oil powered crops to feed the cows,this farm represents a sustainable, reliable source of food.

On average our cows will be out on grass for 280 days a year producing delicious, nutritious, free range milk.

Why should you choose Streamvale free range milk?

Buying Local

Low food miles and supporting your local farmers.

Free Range

Our cows are outside almost all year not stuck inside a house.

Grass Fed

Our cows produce almost all of their milk from grass only.

Low Carbon Footprint

Our cows eat grass so we don’t need to feed lots of imported grain and our healthy grasslands suck out loads of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and bury it permanently in our soils.

Health Benefits

Grass fed food is better for you because most of our modern diets come from grain products.

Non Homogenised

Our milk is not homogenised so you will see the cream rise to the top of the bottle. Just shake well before use