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Chris runs the Open Farm. He is the brains behind all of the farm’s events. You never know what he will come up with next!

Chris loves to grow and develop the farm, researching new play areas or events that he knows you all will love.

Favourite Event : Halloween Pumpkin Patch



Helen helps to run the farm alongside her husband Chris. A dedicated mum, she is also a crucial part of our activities team. You will often see her out and about the farm at either our shows or with her sons Jake & newborn Reggie.

Favourite Event : Easter

The Boss


Jake is the son of Helen & Chris, he is absolutely obsessed with tractors and diggers! He has just become a big brother to newborn Reggie.

Favourite Event : Anything to do with tractors!!

Office & Admissions Manager


Emma manages our Office, Admissions & Staff. From launching event tickets to the day-to-day running of the farm – she is always on hand to help. If she isn’t in the office, she will be found with the puppies!

Favourite Event : Adult Nights

Duty Manager


Shannon is one third of our Duty Manager Team.

As Animal Supervisor, she is responsible for the welfare of all animals on site. She loves and cares for them all like they are family! You will meet her own horse Bow on the farm. Also well known as the Face of our Instagram!

Favourite Event : Easter

Duty Manager


Stacie is one third of our Duty Management Team.

Stacie is our Schools Coordinator, managing the running of all School Tours. Also responsible for ensuring exceptional customer experience, she helps make sure that you have the best day ever at the farm!

Favourite Event : Magical Christmas Experience

Duty Manager


Emily is one third of our Duty Management Team.

Emily is our Events Coordinator, helping to organise and run the events and discos at the farm. She is often dancing away and making a fool out of herself at our discos!

Favourite Event : Easter

Catering Manager


Geraldine is part of our Catering Management Team.

Geraldine manages the running of both the Burger Barn and Coffee & Ice Cream Cabin alongside Gabriela. Hardworking and dedicated to Team Stream – you will even see her helping out on the farm during events!

Favourite Event : Magical Christmas Experience

Catering Manager


Gabriela is part of our Catering Management Team.

Gabriela joined the team in 2022, and it’s like she’s been here for years! Already an important part of ‘Team Stream’, always hard at work and never without a smile.

Favourite Event : Adult Nights

Our Collies

Meet Chase, Pip and our new recruit Jed! Very popular members of Team Stream.

Jed = The newest pup, he has taken over the Dog Agility Show from Chase. You won’t mistake him as he has one blue eye!

Pip = The hardest worker. Obsessed with herding her sheep!

Chase = Chase is now enjoying his retirement! You can see him pottering about the yard, probably trying to sneak food from your picnic!